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Driving simulator study – What is it?

Author: Minh Nguyen

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Sep 2023

In many respects, a modern vehicle today is more like a computer than a car from the early years.

The interior is equipped with various displays, information and driver assistance systems designed to make driving more pleasant and safer.

However, the integration of so-called value-added services in particular also offers a high potential for distractions and inattention on the part of the driver.


How does a driving simulator study work?

To counteract this, studies are carried out in the driving simulator before a new system is introduced, in which the effect on driver behavior can be examined. A whole range of performance indicators can be used for evaluation. These include eye movement data, accidents, gaze aversion times, driving errors and others.

In this context, the driving simulator study is a special discipline of classic product testing that focuses on the vehicle sector. The range of services for driving simulator studies is very broad, since technical issues often come into play here in addition to methodological questions.

Thus, in addition to pure study planning and execution, we also provide support in the programming of driving routes, DPUs and information and driver assistance systems.


These questions will be answered:

  • Does the design of my interface distract the user from his task (e.g. monitoring or driving a vehicle)?
  • What general usability problems does my product have?
  • Where do problems (e.g. errors, waiting times, getting “lost”) occur when using my product?


How does a driving simulator study work with us?

Let us find out together whether a driving simulator study is the right method for your question and how a cooperation proceeds in detail. You can find our contact details here.

Not the right method for your question?

In our method assistant we have compiled the most important methods for the most typical questions. Try out the method assistant and find exactly the right method for your question: Click here for the method assistant.

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