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Our equipment and labs

The right test environment is essential for the success of your user research. We provide you with our UX labs on site in Darmstadt. This allows you to simulate a realistic use environment for your product. With our eye-tracking equipment, you can precisely track users’ eye movements.

In addition, we enable you to be present during the UX tests – on site or remotely. With the right audio and camera equipment, the tests can also be conveniently viewed after they have been carried out. Here you can find out what equipment we can provide for the success of your studies and how you can benefit from it.

Our equipment in detail

Our UX labs

In our UX labs, you can reproduce a wide range of use scenarios. Here you have the opportunity to realistically recreate very complex environments and record the tests – with crystal-clear sound and the important details in view.

A conduct of a formative evaluation in our Medical Usability Lab.
Two of our clients are watching a live UX test via a screen.

Our observation rooms

You want to be there on site when we perform your user tests? Then you can make use of our observation rooms. Here you have the advantage of going through spontaneous adjustments and reconciliations with our researchers between interviews.

Eye Tracking

Do you want to know exactly where the user’s focus is and which areas of your user interface are perceived particularly strongly or weakly? With our eye-tracking equipment, you can precisely track users’ eye movements and thus gain important insights into user behavior.

An eye with an eye movement sensor.
An employee looks at the page on a screen.

Our user database

With thousands of participants, our user database is the perfect basis for your user recruitment. This is particularly important because you can only achieve valid results in the studies with the right users. If the users you need are not in the database, our internal recruiting team will take care of acquiring them.

Let’s get to know each other

Would you like to know what is possible with our equipment and talk through your specific case with us? Then you are welcome to contact us here. We are looking forward to meeting you!