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User Research & UX-Test

User research and UX testing are the foundation for a positive UX of your product. Through a deep knowledge of the goals, needs and desires of your own users, design decisions can be made based on data. The product can thus be optimally tailored to the user.

On this page we present our service “User Research and UX Test” in detail and show you how exactly this service works step by step with us. This will give you a clear picture of what we do and how you can benefit from it.


The right method for your questions

In initial discussions, we get to know your product and the challenges it faces. We suggest the methods that achieve the best results in your specific case and explain to you how they work in detail and what measurable improvements we can achieve for your product as a result.

Two women talk to each other via video call.
Two employees sit at a table during a kick-off meeting.



In a kick-off meeting, we get to know all stakeholders and refine the project goals if necessary. In addition, we jointly define a schedule and exchange all project-relevant information in order to then be able to develop a study guideline. At the end of our kick-off, both sides are well prepared for the joint project.


Recruitment of the participants

To get valid results in user research and UX tests, you need to test with the right users. We recruit these users for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of users you have or if there are multiple user groups. Our internal recruiting team will find the right people for your study!

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A computer screen with a document for planning a UX test implementation.


Planning the conduction

We develop the study guideline for your user research and your UX tests. Of course, we also prepare our UX labs for the user tests in such a way that the use cases can be mapped realistically.



We start by running a single test and then gather your feedback. If necessary, adjustments are then made. We then conduct the rest of the UX tests. If you want to be there, there are two options: remotely via livestream or on-site in our observation rooms.

Carrying out the formative evaluation
Evaluation and documentation of a study.


Recommendations for the design

We evaluate the results of the user research or UX tests for you and derive design recommendations from them. In this way, you can make important product or design decisions based on data and be sure that they are what real users want.


Presentation of the results & Next steps

Finally, we present the summarized and evaluated results of your user research or UX tests. Based on these results, we derive possible next steps, which we also present to you.

Results presentation of a study.

Let’s start!

We want to get to know you and your project! Let’s find out together how we can help you with user research and UX testing. We look forward to meeting you!