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Belden Inc. provides products and solution components for secure networks and connectivity for industrial applications. We were privileged to help Belden Inc. with the design and execution of user interviews. Together, we were able to gain important insights about the clients.

In this testimonial, Sina Müller and Tobias Plocher from Belden Inc. tell us how they perceived the collaboration with us, what results we were able to achieve and why the user insights gained were necessary for both acute and long-term solutions.

Our task

Belden Inc. offers products and solution modules for secure networks and connectivity for industrial applications. Our task was to design and conduct user interviews. The goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s own users, their needs and workflows.

One hand grips a test tube.
A point-of-care solution. Half-filled, small test tubes are shown.


The company is currently transforming itself from a product provider to a solution provider. In order to go through this change as efficiently and well as possible, the (complex) use cases of the users must be better understood. The focus is on simple mapping of complex workflows, but also on issues such as reliability, availability, ease of maintenance and security.


With our help, Belden Inc. was able to gain important insights into its own users and their use cases – both in terms of acute issues and long-term solutions. Internal clients repeatedly expressed their excitement about the insights gained.

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