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Products with little experience on the market are always a special challenge. For such a product, we were able to provide Deutsche Telekom with important insights through targeted UX tests to determine user expectations.

In this testimonial, Nicolas Stepanek from Deutsche Telekom tells us how we were able to implement this exciting project around the new smart speaker in detail, what we achieved together and how he perceived the collaboration with us.

Our task

We helped with UX testing to determine real users’ expectations of a Deutsche Telekom smart speaker. In addition, we were able to help with the testing of various use cases.

One hand grips a test tube.
A point-of-care solution. Half-filled, small test tubes are shown.


At the beginning of the project (i.e., before smart speakers were introduced at all), little experience in the market. How would people interact with technology via speech? Another challenge: A broad user group across the population emerged for the product. That means very different levels of knowledge, fear of contact and previous experience.


Various design recommendations that we were able to derive from the UX tests improved the implementation of the smart speaker. This resulted in increased customer satisfaction. The NPS could therefore be measurably increased.

Various test tubes in the foreground, in the background you can see a computer screen.

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