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UX & UI Design

We help you with UX and UI design! We make sure that complex workflows are clearly mapped and easy and intuitive to execute. In doing so, we always focus on an outstanding user experience and clear user interface design.

In addition to a very strong user interface concept, we are also happy to help you with the visual design of your product. Of course, considering your style guides and ideas. In the end you will have a designed product that inspires users with outstanding UX.



In the first step, we get to know your goals and jointly define the plan for the implementation of the joint UX and UI design. Here we also work out a schedule, get to know the product, style guides, guidelines and possible restrictions.

An employee in front of a kick-off document
Two employees at a whiteboard.


User Interface Design Concept

We then develop an initial concept for your user interface, creating the foundation on which the design and UX will be based. We present this to you in the form of wireframes. We then incorporate your feedback into this concept.



To gather feedback from real users, we test these wireframes early on in user tests. Here, we also learn about user acceptance of the presented solution and potential for improvement. We then incorporate the latter into a revised prototype for further testing. In this way, we gradually arrive at a measurably better UX – and at a stage of the product development where changes are still easy to incorporate.

An employee during a UX test. A researcher sits next to him.
An employee in front of a mood board for a visual design.


Integration of the visual design and further UX-testing (if necessary)

After the iterative product improvement, your user interface is visually designed. Here, of course, we consider your guidelines and current requirements of the respective industry. Depending on the complexity of the application, we iteratively integrate further UX tests & design sprints in this phase to ensure an outstanding UX based on data. Completed areas we provide you as a library of fleshed out elements to help you accelerate your own development process.


Presentation of the results

At the end of our UX and User Interface Design project, you will receive a presentation of the results. In addition, we discuss next steps and the product roadmap together, which recommends further activities in terms of UX and UI design.

Two employees in a presentation of results

Let’s start!

Do you want a strong user interface concept with a measurably outstanding UX for your product? Then we’d love to get to know you and discuss together how we can help you achieve it.