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The IHK Lübeck website was to be relaunched. It is used by a very broad user group. Accordingly, a positive user experience had to be designed for very different users with different experiences and knowledge.

In this testimonial, Jan-Philipp Witt from the IHK Lübeck tells how we were able to help increase the user experience of the website and identify potential for improvement with UX tests and design suggestions derived from them.

Our task

For the IHK Lübeck website we were entrusted with user research to identify potential for improvement. This involved the step-by-step improvement of the user experience of the website.

A smiling employee recruits participants for the study.
A computer screen shows a close-up of a surface.


The website of the IHK Lübeck is a very comprehensive website with a great deal of information that is used by a very broad user group. The individual user groups usually have a very specific goal within the website.


We were able to derive design approaches based on data from UX tests we conducted. These were then implemented and could be confirmed in live operation. In addition, the user tests revealed further potential for improvement on the site.

A close-up of a microscope.

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