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UX Strategy Consulting

Do you want to sustainably raise the usability and UX of your own products to a new level? Or anchor UX in the company and the own development processes? Then you’ve come to the right place with our UX strategy consulting including education and training.

We help you on your journey towards a strategically strong and clean setup of your UX department and UX strategy in the company. Find out exactly how we do it on this page. We explain how our UX strategy consulting works step by step.



In a joint kick-off meeting, we get to know your product range and define your goals. Together we define a vision for the future against which your success can be measured.

An employee in a Kick-off Meeting.
Two employees stand in front of a screen and take stock of the situation.


Defining the current status

In the second step, we take stock: What is the maturity level of your UX strategy and where does your company currently stand? We find out all this in an assessment.



In a gap analysis, we compare the current state with the desired state and identify the gaps that need to be closed. On this basis, we derive the next steps.

An employee sits in front of a PC and works out a gap analysis.
An employee and a co-worker develop a roadmap on a whiteboard.



Now we define the building blocks with which you can close the previously identified gaps as effectively as possible. In addition, we define what you subsequently need to do to achieve a higher level of maturity in the UX area of your company.


Building the right team

We guide you in building the right UX team in the company. You will learn everything about the ideal composition of the team, about learning methods and the criteria you should always have in mind for the selection of future members.

An employee gives a presentation.
Two employees hold a training session in front of a screen displaying the Cu



We train your team in everything they need to know in the UX area for your products. For example, on individual UX methods or user interface design. With this knowledge created here, the implementation of your roadmap will be much easier for you.


Ongoing support in the implementation of the UX strategy

We continue to accompany you in the implementation of the content proposed in the UX strategy consulting. This means: We help you to define the key figures for the success of your measures and to integrate them into the daily work of your team.

Three persons in a Meeting.
An employee with a headset in front of a laptop.



After initial implementations of your UX strategy, we help you follow up and then adjust your future approach for the next steps of the roadmap.

Let’s start!

Are you looking for UX strategy consulting including training and education? In an initial get-to-know-you meeting, we’ll find out what we can do for you in this area and what your individual challenges are.