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Union Investment is the investment fund company of DZ Bank. In order to achieve a consistent and positive user experience during the conversion to digital mailboxes, Union Investment brought us on board. The aim was for a broad user group to understand the options for action in equal measure.

Find out how we achieved this with the help of user research here. In this testimonial, Frank Ufer also talks about the joint collaboration, the challenges we overcame, and the clearly measurable results we achieved together.

Our task

Our task was to use user research to ensure a consistent and positive user experience for the standard migration from paper deposit documents to digital mailboxes.

One hand grips a test tube.
A point-of-care solution. Half-filled, small test tubes are shown.


Different customer profiles had to be brought down to a common denominator. A broad user group, with different previous digital experiences, should easily understand the offer and the options for action.


The comprehensibility of customer communication was significantly increased. In addition to more positive customer feedback, the brand was perceived as measurably more forward-looking and likeable. Tested cover letters and the action scenarios they offered were understood by more than 90 percent of clients, which represented major progress.

Various test tubes in the foreground, in the background you can see a computer screen.

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