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Smiths Detection brought us on board for the user interface design of an X-ray system. This system is to be used for inspections in urban security. This poses some very interesting challenges in terms of ease of use, good ergonomics and efficiency.

In this testimonial, you can read how we worked together to make this very complex application intuitive to use and efficient. Peter Levey also tells us how he and his team perceived the joint collaboration and what results were achieved.

Our task

The task was to design a user interface for an X-ray system. This X-ray system is to find its application in controls in the urban security. The solution must therefore be easy to use, but also efficient and error-free in stressful situations.

One hand grips a test tube.
A point-of-care solution. Half-filled, small test tubes are shown.


This is a very complex application that also has to comply with legal requirements. Many different levels of information had to be clearly mapped so that the user interface could be interpreted quickly and unambiguously even in stressful situations. Ergonomics and efficiency were also in focus.


A simple and efficient use of the user interface by the intended users could be achieved.

Even at an early stage of development, the product received very positive feedback and was perceived as a problem solver for the client.

Various test tubes in the foreground, in the background you can see a computer screen.

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