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A/B Test – What is it?

Author: Minh Nguyen

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Sep 2023

In some cases, the optimization of products is not just about the question: Is this good? But also the question: What is better?

How does an A/B test work?

The user is confronted with at least 2 different variants of a product in a laboratory test and is expected to solve various tasks with it.

The A/B test answers these questions:

  • Where should I arrange elements (e.g. buttons, menu, menu sub-items) in my interface?
  • How do users like the visual design of my interface?
  • Where do problems (e.g. errors, waiting times, getting “lost”) occur when using my product?
  • How do users rate different variants of my product or my product compared to a competitor’s product?

How does an A/B test work for us?

Let us find out together whether an A/B test is the right method for your question and how cooperation works in detail. You can find our contact details here.

Not the right method for your question?

In our method assistant we have compiled the most important methods for the most typical questions. Try out the method assistant and find exactly the right method for your question: Click here for the method assistant.

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