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Eye Tracking- What is it?

Author: Minh Nguyen

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Sep 2023

The visual design and arrangement of elements always presents developers with the challenge of arranging many components of an interface in such a way that the user still has an overview of these elements as quickly and easily as possible.

How does eye tracking work?

The typical parameters that are considered are, on the one hand, the gaze frequency on an individual element (e.g., how often is the menu button looked at?) and the gaze durations on an individual element (e.g., how long is the menu button looked at?).

However, if desired, gaze paths can also be analyzed (e.g. Which path does my user take when looking at my product?). Eye movement analysis makes it possible to use particularly noticed areas for important elements or to implement visual changes to draw more attention to individual elements.

It can also be used to test and optimize the effectiveness or conspicuousness of advertising.


Eye tracking answers these questions:

  • Where should I arrange elements (e.g. buttons, menu, menu sub-items) in my interface?
  • Which areas of my design catch the user’s eye (directly)?


How does eye tracking work with us?

Let us find out together whether eye tracking is the right method for your question and how a cooperation works in detail. You can find our contact details here.


Not the right method for your question?

In our method assistant we have compiled the most important methods for the most typical questions. Try out the method assistant and find exactly the right method for your question: Click here for the method assistant.


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