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Video confrontation – What is it?

Author: Minh Nguyen

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Sep 2023

With many of the methods used, it is important not to interfere with the user’s interaction with the product in order to get an unbiased picture of actual usage.


How does a video confrontation work?

If video confrontation is used, the user is recorded by video during the (undisturbed) interaction with the product and is subsequently shown interesting excerpts by the test leader.


The method answers these questions:

  • Is my product understood by the user?
  • How is it that users use my product differently than intended?


How does a video confrontation work with us?

Let us find out together whether a video confrontation is the right method for your issue and how a cooperation proceeds in detail. You can find our contact details here.

Not the right method for your question?

In our method assistant we have compiled the most important methods for the most typical questions. Try out the method assistant and find exactly the right method for your question: Click here for the method assistant.

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